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Commencement 2013: Senior Awards

The Williston Northampton School celebrates the outstanding members of the senior class during two celebrations at the end of the year. Two prizes are presented during the Athletic Awards Ceremony, held on May 24, 2013; The George Denman Award and Alumni Bowl celebrate “general participation in athletics, with a special emphasis being placed upon faithful training, good sportsmanship, helpful spirit, and loyal devotion to the best interests of the school.”

The recipient of The George Denman Award was Andy Pierce.

The recipients of Alumnae Bowl were Amanda Cronin and Karly Simpson.

Other prizes, including Williston Northampton’s top three awards (Galbraith prize, the White Blazer award, and the Valedictory prize) are voted on by the full faculty. The following are the Senior Prizes, awarded each year at Commencement, as voted by the full faculty. The awards were presented on May 26 by Head of School Robert W. Hill III.

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