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Pompeii and Chocolate Pasta: A Trip to Italy

They picnicked in the rolling countryside, saw ancient frescoes in Pompeii, and swam in the Mediterranean. But perhaps the quintessential moment of the Latin program trip to Italy came when the eight students and three adults visited del Cioccolato Antica Norba.

At the small family-run chocolate factory and museum, the group learned about how cocoa is processed and sampled fresh, warm chocolate, said language teacher Emily Vezina, one of the trip leaders.

“Many students bought souvenirs here,” she wrote in an email about the trip. “Chocolate pasta, best served with ricotta cheese and pine nuts, was a popular purchase.”

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Over the course of their weeklong stay, from June 7 to 14, the students also explored Pompeii—visiting ancient fast food restaurants, homes, temples, mosaics, and frescoes—under the tutelage of Alessandro, a “dramatic and expressive guide.”

In the town of Sorrento, the group stayed in a hotel perched on the cliffs overlooking Mediterranean Sea. In the evening, they walked down the switchbacks of a narrow cobblestone road and went for a swim.

“Some students swam out to a nearby cave in the rock promontory that framed the bay,” Vezina wrote.

In the medieval city of Norma, in the Lepini Mountains, the students strolled along ancient Roman roads, saw a bath complex that was being excavated, and had a picnic in the countryside.

“Meanwhile all around us paragliders floated through the sky,” Vezina wrote, “some landing in the ruins, others sailing to the countryside below.”

Mental Athletics with Robots: Williston Team Heads to FIRST

6938478305 78038985da oThe silver robot bumped gently against a wall, reversed, and then ran over a blue racquet ball, where it lodged, rocking slightly. Chris Berghoff sighed.

“If it really shuts down when it hits one of the balls, and there’s going to be 100 of them, I’m pretty sure that’s a problem,” he said to his teammates, who were typing at computers around the room.

“Come along, robot,” Berghoff said, plucking the machine off the ground and carrying it into a workroom. A hacksaw could soon be heard grinding away.

None of the team members appeared very concerned by this. When you’re preparing for a state-level robotics competition like FIRST Tech Challenge, there’s a lot of tinkering involved.

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Williston Students Competed and Won at 2012 Classics Day

describe the imageWilliston Latin students participated in the Pioneer Valley Classical Association’s Classics Day 2012, which was held again this year at Mount Holyoke College on Friday, January 20th.

This year over 300 students attended Classics Day from different schools throughout Western Massachusetts, and another large turnout is expected this year. The schedule for the day began with nine different workshops held by college and university professors, University of Massachusetts graduate students, and high school teachers.

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Second Annual Spring Celebration Festival

Picture 7The Williston community is invited to celebrate the Year of the Dragon on Friday, January 20, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. in the Williston Theatre. There will be traditional Chinese food from the Great Wall restaurant in Florence and desserts and drinks provided by Williston Dining Services.

Students are invited to show off their talents, including singing, dancing, playing instruments, performing short skits, sharing jokes, performing magic, doing yo-yo tricks, sharing Chinese historical commentary, and displaying a little Taichiquan (a form of Chinese martial arts).

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Acting Behind Masks—the Art of Italian Comedy

mask1smallMasks may be the symbolic representation of the dramatic arts, but sometimes they are also the tools of the trade.

Teacher Emily Ditkovski’s Intermediate Acting class recently finished a unit on the Italian Comedy (commedia dell’arte). This traditional theater form uses music and dance, and productions are well-known for their comedy, witty remarks, and physicality.

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