“This I Believe” Series Continues at Williston

this i blieveStudents and faculty members have been sharing some of their personal beliefs at The Williston Northampton School’s weekly assemblies. Based on the series of the same name that is a weekly feature on National Public Radio, “This I Believe” invites individuals to reflect on what is important to them.

Williston chaplain and teacher Daphne Burt developed the series in 2010 by inviting SA Fogleman ’10 and Maike Blakely ’10 to speak. Language Department Head Nat Simpson kicked off the 2010-11 series when he spoke on his belief that the study of language can change one’s life.

Now, Pastor Burt says, “students have really seen how cool it is,” and they have begun volunteering to speak as part of the series. This winter and spring the Williston community will hear presentations by Chad Adams ’12, Walter McLaughlin ’12, Marisa Roth ’11, and David King ’11.

Videos of several of the speeches can be found at www.williston.com/video.