In the Crease: What to Expect!

by Nate Gordon ’16

From the practices, to the pre-game locker room speeches, to the drop of the puck, In the Crease will be full coverage of Williston’s Boys Varsity Hockey Team. It will take many different forms, giving readers a unique view of the team.

In the Crease will be full coverage of the BV hockey team.

I will be attending all games, home and away. During the week, I will be at practices, talking with the players and coaches. Before games, you can expect a brief preview about the upcoming matchup, with opinions from coaches and players. During games, I will tweet updates with the latest news (@WillistonHockey). After games, I will write game reports with reactions from Williston players, coaches, and even opposing coaches. The post-game interviews with players may be in video format, just as seen on TV when players huff and puff to get words out. Longer pieces will include state-of-the-team reports and player profiles. Team and individual statistics will be available after games, too.

As the Sports Editor for The Willistonian, I have always wanted to closely follow a team through its season. However, I never thought this opportunity would come so soon. In mid-October, Head Coach Derek Cunha called me into his office and proposed that I cover the team. He told me to think about it over long-weekend and then check back in with him. Before I even walked out of his office, I knew that this was how I wanted to spend my winter. Now, just over a month later, with the temperature starting to drop, and the skates laced up, I’m ready for the puck to drop!

The column will be jointly published in The Willistonian ( and on its own Williston blog site. The blog site will include all my work, and the posts in The Willistonian will include game reports and longer pieces.

If you have any ideas for this column, please don’t hesitate to comment on my posts, email me (, or send me a message on Twitter.


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