by Team Reporter-Nate Gordon ’16

As was announced via the team’s Twitter feed this morning, Williston Boys Hockey (13-10-2) missed a spot in the playoffs by .004 of an RPI percentage point.

Williston Head Coach Derek Cunha said this to the team in an email earlier today:

“I am sorry to have to report that we did not qualify for a playoff spot. Despite our strong ending we finished just .004 away from getting in. Our final RPI percentage was 0.5269330 and the 8th seed was 0.5309567. It’s hard to imagine that it came down to 4/1000 of a point of us getting in but it is a testament to how competitive it is to make the prep hockey playoffs. Though initial news is disappointing you need to know how incredibly proud Coach Hanford and I are of this group and the strides we made this season.”

The team will have its “banquet night” on Tuesday where team awards will be given out. Soon after, I will post my season recap on the blog.

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