2014-15 Season is Upon Us, In the Crease Returns

With the temperature still warmer outside of  Williston’s Lossone Rink, but quickly dropping, the 2014-15 is upon us. And with that means the return of In the Crease, the second year of in-depth coverage of the Boys Varsity Hockey Team.

As with last year, the coverage will have two components: Twitter and this blog. Game updates will be posted on the team’s Twitter before, during, and after each game. On the blog, reports will be available after each game,with reactions from both teams’ coaches and Williston players. The one change coming to the blog this year will be that instead of a preview before each game, there will be a weekly preview posted on Sunday or Monday that takes a look at each week’s games and where the team stands week to week. I am also hoping to write a few features on different players throughout the season.

In the next week, I will be putting together a season preview. It will look at how the team hopes to keep the momentum it created last season when it missed the playoffs by just a fraction of a percentage point. I will highlight big games, the team’s new players,  and opinions from coaches and members of the team.

This past week, the team held its tryouts which will culminate in the Wildcats’ first test, a home scrimmage against Academie St. Louis on Saturday, the 15th at 4:30 p.m.


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