Reflections from Hong Kong: Choosing a Life of Public Service

Hong Kong EditWith the stunning backdrop of Victoria Harbor and the night skyline greeting attendees at Williston Northampton’s Hong Kong reception, we once again had a marvelous time as parents and alumni came together, strengthening the ties that bind the school’s family. Thanks to our gracious hosts, Dr. and Mrs. Lai, the setting could not have been more majestic nor could our group have been made to feel more welcomed.

It has been particularly exciting for me to meet with younger alumni whose Williston Northampton experience has the most in common with our current students. It is reaffirming to hear from Gen-Y alumni that our faculty’s dedication to teaching 21st century skills and to building a global perspective in our students, conforms to their sense of what is most important for preparation to enter the work force. 

It was especially fun to meet Ronald Chan (2001) who went on to earn an undergraduate degree from Stanford University and is currently Special Assistant to the Chief Executive of Hong Kong. Not unlike the wunderkinds who we see surrounding our presidents in the White House, Ronald finds himself at the heart of the Hong Kong political scene. I am sure that our students would be intrigued to hear firsthand from Ronald about his decision to pursue a life of public service. When I spoke to him about that choice, it seemed that the underlying attitudes and assumptions about entering a life of politics are generational and transnational. We will have to work to get this 2001 alumnus back to campus in between his various governmental obligations that currently occupy his time.

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