Transitions and Connections in Tokyo

Tokyo ReceptionI have just begun a two-week trip throughout Asia, traveling for The Williston Northampton School in the company of Eric Yates, Chief Advancement Officer, Ann Pickrell, Director of Admission, and Kathryn Hill. The length of the first leg of our journey has certainly given us all a firsthand appreciation of the challenges our students face during their transitions to and from Williston for holidays. The long flight from Chicago and the subsequent inversion of our internal clocks have taken a toll, but those effects have been more than offset by the incredible graciousness of our hosts.
We received a warm welcome in Tokyo at the Nishimachi International School, the alma mater of a current Williston senior. Our day was capped by an evening reception that included the parents of alumni, parents of current students, alumni, and prospective students. Two recent alumni discovered that they also had Yale University in common during the event, demonstrating the power of school gatherings to solidify old connections and to create new ones.
We have since moved on to Seoul where we anticipate one of our largest gatherings of the two-week tour. I am happy to share that the strength of our Williston family abroad remains incredibly vibrant and active, and it has been so  gratifying to see the level of support that the school enjoys.

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