Laughter Followed Him

Allison Evans remembers Brian Crockett

Editor’s note: To honor the anniversary of faculty member Brian Crockett’s passing, his friend and fellow teacher, Allison Evans, wrote the following remembrance.

2014 Evans Brian CrockettAs first year teachers, Mr. Harper, Ms. Schneider, Mr. Crockett, and I attended NENTS (New England New Teacher Seminar) at Pomfret in August of 2013. Part of the application process was to write one fact about yourself that made you unique. Mr. Harper was home-schooled until senior year of high school; Ms. Schneider has 45 cousins; and I have been horseback riding for as long as I can remember.

When it was Mr. Crockett’s turn to share his fact, Ms. Schneider and I laughed in disbelief. No way could it be true. His fact was simple, “I am the funniest person you will ever meet.” Little did we know at the time, that it was true. His larger-than-life personality was present from day one. By the end of the week, the three of us were convinced of this fact and could see that no matter what, a positive energy filled with laughter followed Mr. Crockett everywhere he went.

In no time, we were fast friends. Mr. Crockett lit up any room. Even with his annoying phrases (Ms. Chambers…) or his “real” buffalo chicken dip (because there is fake chicken, right, Mr. McKillop?), Mr. Crockett always found a way to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

There are so many lessons in life that I have learned from knowing Mr. Crockett, but there is one that stands out each and every day: To never give up. Stay true to yourself and your passions. Do what you love because you can. Smile. Laugh. Each and every day. Cherish these moments because you never know when they’ll be gone. People might not remember what you say, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

Mr. Crockett impacted so many lives—more than I think he realized. We are so blessed to have known him. Today, take a moment to remember Mr. Crockett. There is no way a few paragraphs and some words on paper can truly describe the incredible person that Mr. Crockett was. But today I challenge you to take the time to make someone smile today, as he always did, each and every day.

Today, to also mark this one-year anniversary of their coach’s passing, Sam Atkins and Curt Mcleod invite the community to visit Sawyer Field at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 4 to remember the great man. They remind everyone that this will be a safe place to talk and ask that people bring flowers, a note, a shirt, a good story, or just a listening ear.

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