Senior Dinner Remarks by Leeanna Albanese ’16

Photo by Matthew Cavanaugh
Photo by Matthew Cavanaugh

Hello Class of 2016, faculty and staff, trustees, my mom in the back, and more faculty and staff.

Over the summer, I was asked to speak to all of you guys—that’s why I’m up here looking kinda nervous, if you were wondering. For those of you that don’t know me, I usually look a little more tan and lot less sweaty. For those of you that do know me—please don’t tell the people that this is what I normally look like. Thanks in advance.

Anyways, I was super excited to write another essay over the summer, like majorly pumped, totally stoked. Uh, no—really, I’m extremely flattered to be up here with the opportunity to speak for five minutes straight without anyone making me stop.

Okay, here we are! Senior year. I came to Williston in 8th grade, so that makes me a five year senior which is pretty unusual—quick shout out to Sarah, Pinky, Davis, and Amelia for being the other four. I like to think that I’ve grown a lot since then… but the truth is I’m only a quarter of an inch taller than I was before. Let’s be real, you’ve probably all grown a lot more than I have over the past few years. I actually piled up all of the books I’ve used in my time here, and the pile was significantly taller than I was. There’s a picture on Twitter if you don’t believe me. Why did I do that, you might ask? Solely to make that joke.

I’m genuinely excited to be a senior. I mean, it’s been a pretty long road to get to this point—if you came in ninth grade and took five classes every trimester, you’ve taken 45 finals already. Yeah, that’s right, I did math for this speech. You’re welcome, Mr. Seamon. But honestly, we’ve come so far, individually and as a class it’s hard to even comprehend at this point.

I’m sure that this year we’ll have some awesome events planned by the Student Council, and there will be some great performances, and championship-winning games—let’s take advantage of that. Let’s go to those games and shows and dances; or even better, be a part of making them happen. There are so many opportunities here at Williston, it’d be a shame not to take them.

Make this year the year that you find something you love… maybe it’ll be something you never even expected to like. I don’t want to miss out, do you?

Speaking of missing out, this year is gonna fly by, like one of those super loud jets over Galbraith. Let’s all make sure to enjoy ourselves this year. I mean, don’t get me wrong, hard work is important. I’m practically a workaholic and pretty much anyone can attest to that, especially my advisor. But high school is fleeting, so we should make this last stretch count, and enjoy it while we can. I want to remember two thousand sixteen, and I want the class of 2016 to be remembered.

Another thing that’s worth thinking about is the value of kindness. Really, there’s almost no reason not to treat people kindly. I’m so serious, I can’t stress that enough. And I’m not saying this because we aren’t inherently nice people, I’m saying this because it’s important. Be remembered, and be remembered fondly.

We’re a special class, not only because we get the privilege of being the 175th group of students to graduate, but also because we’re an incredibly diverse and talented group of people. You guys are pretty amazing, and I really mean that.

I know that we’re going to do great things, especially if we stick together and work with each other. As a fellow Wildcat, who I constantly look to for advice and admire to the point of near-idolization, once said, “We’re all in this together.” So, Wildcats, let’s make 2016 the best year yet, and make sure that everyone remembers us as the best class ever. Thank you very much.


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