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Athletic Hall of Fame 2014: Hanson Acceptance Speech

Editor’s note: Charles Lindberg Hanson ’48 was inducted into the Williston Northampton Athletic Hall of Fame on Saturday, June 7, 2014 during Reunion weekend. Classmate Stanley Gedney ’48 gave the following acceptance speech during the ceremony.

Extraordinary Athlete, Tough Competitor, Exceptional Friend

Charles Lindberg Hanson was born on the same day that Charles Lindberg touched down in France after making his historic trans-Atlantic solo flight. His parents were so impressed, they named their son after the international hero.

Although Lindy Hanson did not achieve the notoriety of his namesake, he did achieve athletic prominence at Abington High School (MA), Williston Academy, and, later, Boston University. At Abington, Lindy was one of the few football players to gain unanimous All-Scholastic honors, as well as honors in baseball and basketball.

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