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Jennifer Levison ’83

LevisonJenny Levison: FACES of Atlanta

If Atlanta had its own superhero, it would have to be Souper Jenny! Atlanta native Jenny Levison has been filling our bellies with delicious, homemade recipes since her first flagship café opened in Buckhead years ago. But this soup aficionado didn’t start out in the kitchen — she grew up in Los Angeles and eventually studied drama at Carnegie Mellon University. Her time as a struggling actress was short-lived when she explored her other passion: food. Get a taste of what our newest FACE Jenny Levison is cooking, since food is a language we all speak. Read More.

The Worst Day was the Best Day Recounts France ’83

Kim France ’83 was the editor of a very popular shopping magazine for 10 years, then one day she wasn’t.

“They say that sometimes we don’t truly realize what we are oppressed by until we are no longer oppressed by it,” said Ms. France in an article she wrote about how what could have been the worst day of her life, the day she was fired from said magazine, was actually the best thing that could have happened to her.

Since that day Ms. France has started a blog, Girls of a Certain Age. In her posts she sprinkles fashion advice with first date tips for women in their forties. “But mostly, of course, it is about shopping: online, in boutiques, in massive chains and tiny fleas and anywhere else that money can be exchanged for goods,” she said on the blog’s A Few Words page.