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Jayne Brassington ’97

Jayne BrassingtonAfter working in established practices across Scotland for over 8 years, Chiropractors Jayne Brassington ’97, Tess Brady and Alyssa Paris have opened a new clinic in the heart of Stockbridge.

Edinburgh Chiropractic Clinic has opened just in time to help you shake off the winter blues and get healthy for an active spring. With a great location in North West Circus Place, Edinburgh Chiropractic Clinic is open and ready to treat a variety of conditions suffered by Stockbridge locals. Read More

Jennifer Levison ’83

LevisonJenny Levison: FACES of Atlanta

If Atlanta had its own superhero, it would have to be Souper Jenny! Atlanta native Jenny Levison has been filling our bellies with delicious, homemade recipes since her first flagship café opened in Buckhead years ago. But this soup aficionado didn’t start out in the kitchen — she grew up in Los Angeles and eventually studied drama at Carnegie Mellon University. Her time as a struggling actress was short-lived when she explored her other passion: food. Get a taste of what our newest FACE Jenny Levison is cooking, since food is a language we all speak. Read More.

Gorka Murga ’02

GorkaThird year of medical school. A time when a student can know nothing and everything at the same time. Meet Schrödinger’s student.

Morning report. Second day in the hospital, my first day attending morning report. As I come in, I take a moment to figure out where to sit. A resident walks past me and mumbles “students sit in the back”. I sit in the back. I am soon joined by my peers. A fellow student with vastly more experience than I (he has been at the hospital for a week) gives me the rundown. The seating is arranged based on medical expertise. The attendings sit at the head of the room. Senior residents sit closest to them, followed by residents and then interns. Then two poorly watered ficus plants. Then medical students. We share the back of the room with some dusty JAMA issues from past decades. I pick up a couple of volumes and place them in the chair in front of me. I know my place. Read more.

Colin D’Amour ’03, Margaret D’Amour ’04, Christian D’Amour ’07

Christian D'AmourIt was the one of those rites-of-passage moments. It could have been any one of us.

Son is in search of his first job at age 15.

Dad drops him off in the parking lot of the neighborhood supermarket, tells his son to ask for the manager and says he’ll wait in the car.

The son is on his own. He goes inside, asks for the manager, is told the manager isn’t in, and the teenager becomes so flustered he tosses his job application on the counter and flees the store, not quite knowing what to do.

“I told my father to just drive,” remembers Colin D’Amour with a huge grin on his face about when he got back to the parking lot and jumped in the car. Read more.