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Nonie Creme ’90

NoniePeople always ask me, “How did you get into the business of making beauty products? Did you go to school for it? Work your way up the ladder at L’Oreal??!”

Well….not exactly. I’m what’s known as a “grafter”. That means I’m a seriously hard worker, and that whatever is going on, I will FIND A WAY to work and earn. So, when I decided to follow an English boy to London, and suddenly found myself unemployed and illegal in London…you guessed it – I looked around and invented a way to survive.

I started my first business at 23, standing outside the London subway with a basket full of nail supplies and some business cards. I’d hand out cards all morning, and then go wait in the park until my phone rang. Soon I had a healthy business giving desk side manicures to women in the Financial District. Read more.