A Lifetime on Skates Leads Nick Schofield to a Skyhawk Slot

Nick Schofield ’17

Nick Schofield, who on April 12 signed a letter of intent to play hockey at Stonehill College next fall, recalls a proud moment in the rink. It lasted only 10 seconds, but it made the difference in the game. Playing Millbrook School at Williston’s Lossone Rink this winter, the teams were tied, and 17 seconds remained on the overtime clock. Before the face-off, Nick told his defenseman he would take possession of the puck back and pass it to him. “’We are going to get it and win this game,’” he told his teammate. “The puck dropped and I won the draw back and we executed,” Nick said. “I scored the winning goal with seven seconds left, and it is a moment I will never forget.”

Unforgettable plays like that one can add up to a great mental slideshow of a lifetime spent on skates. Nick certainly has had enough of them. He started skating at age three and started hockey a year later. His older sister Caitlin and brother Kelley exposed their little brother to a variety of sports, and Nick picked each one up with ease, according to his mother, Bridget Schofield.

Nick and his parents, Bridget and David Schofield

For Nick, what kept him interested in playing was the feeling he got when he scored a goal. “The joy it brings me to this day is the reason why I love the game,” he adds. “The only thing I love more than scoring goals is helping my teammates score them, because I know how happy I get when I score, I love being able to see my teammates faces when they do.”

And what coach wouldn’t love that? Boys varsity hockey coach Derek Cunha has seen Nick transform from a sophomore to a senior. “Nick has been an impact forward for us for all three years combining skill, size, and a strong hockey sense,” he said. “He should head into Stonehill with the opportunity to be a top prospect as a freshman. I suspect that similar to his time at Williston, he will earn quality playing time right from the start and, as he quickly adapts to the college level, he will see similar success as he has had here.”

Hockey players congratulate Nick on his signing to Stonehill College.

Nick said he’s hoping to use his skills as much as possible as a Stonehill Skyhawk. The school is part of the NCAA Division II Northeast-10 Conference, one of the top Division II conferences in the nation. As he sees it, his strength is having a high “Hockey IQ.” “This means I am able to see the ice well and make plays when people are not expecting them,” he said. “Also, I like to think my passing ability is a strong point. Finally, being a center you have to know how to win face-offs, and I have worked very hard at making that a strong point in my game.

Cunha agrees. “Nick has adapted well to playing with different style of players in all three years at Williston,” he said. “He has a strong hockey sense of where to be on the ice and is able to make those around him better.”

David Schofield, Nick’s father, is excited for Nick’s future, and proud of his son’s hockey prowess. But he’s also thrilled that Nick greatly improved academically at Williston. “He’s always been a good athlete,” he said. “But the academics are important to him. He’s worked hard at it. He’s matured at Williston.”

If shining the light on others’ accomplishments is a sign of maturity, Nick has it in spades. After reflecting on his hockey career at Williston, Nick wanted to make sure he thanked his teammate, senior Jo Jo Carbone. “We have been line mates for our three years at Williston, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without him.”

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