Brenna Quirk ’15 on Her Installation Piece for [SHOWCASE]

Editor’s note: Williston’s Brenna Quirk ’15 created a new installation piece for [SHOWCASE], a group art show in Eastworks on May 10-17, 2014. [SHOWCASE], which features the work of 23 Williston students, is being held in Suite 136 and is curated by Gabriel Jacobson ’15. Below, Ms. Quirk explains the concept behind her piece.

IMG_0119The piece I’ve created is a pretty big piece (almost 6.5 by 4.5 foot), which is actually made up of nine smaller pieces. I created silhouettes of the profiles of the faces of myself and eight other people who are important to me. I then filled the silhouettes with an abstract black and white design using pen and ink which varies slightly from piece to piece.

The silhouettes also each have thicker black lines extending to the edge of the page. Once these were all hung up, I used yarn on the wall running between the pieces to connect these lines, and each connection represents a connection between the people featured in the silhouettes.

I came up with my idea while thinking of the theme “human relationships.” Originally I planned only to create three pieces, but once I got going I was inspired to go further and create a much larger, more complicated piece.

I mainly wanted to include my art in the show because it was a new opportunity to show my art in a new place. I haven’t had a chance to display my artwork anywhere besides the Grubbs Gallery at the end of a trimester of Arts Intensive, so when this opportunity presented itself, I took it. I am excited to reach a larger audience with my work. I also created something different than what I usually create, so the whole experience was new and inspiring.

I hope that my piece makes the audience think more about relationships in their life. I’d love for them to ponder who they might include on their own abstract map of relationships. I want to evoke thought about the complexity and variation in relationships and in people, which I tried to get across through the varying design and the tangled web that the yarn creates.

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