Minutes for 9/18 Meeting

Date: 9/18/15     Time: 7:30 a.m.     Location: P.A. Room

Members of the Student Council Present: Nate Gordon, Cody Cavanagh, Caroline Channell, Calvin Ticknor-Swanson, Kyle Doucette, Yuwei Cao, Sideya Dill, Natalie Aquadro, Leah Pezanowski, Nick Hill, Ellie Scott, Katie Most, Derrick Zhao, Natalie Romain

Faculty/Administrators Present: Mr. Hill, Ms. Noble, Mr. Spearing, Mr. McCullagh

Topics are listed in the order in which they were raised.

  1. Williston 175 Water Bottles
    • Raised by: general consensus
    • Discussion: Where can the 175 water bottles that each student was given be used?
    • Decision: Mr. McCullagh: the water bottles can be used in the dining hall
      1. This was announced at that morning’s assembly.
  2. How to spend the funds from the StuBop (Student Council, along with all the students, gets to decide how 3% of StuBop sales is donated to charities)
    • Raised by: general consensus
    • Discussion: Senior Suzy Abreu requested that we donate to the American Diabetes Association
    • Decision: At our next meetings, we will need to decide whether we want to give to one charity or a few. We need to decide how frequently we will donate (each trimester, just once at the end of the year, etc…) Discussion to be continued at next meeting.
  3. Lunch with Student Council
    • Raised by: Nate Gordon
    • Discussion: At lunch someday, members of the Student Council will sit at a table and anyone can come up to us and give us suggestions, feedback, ideas, etc… We are in agreement that this is something that we would like to do. Our next step is to find the best time to do it.
    • Decision: We will work to find the best time.
  4. Will the StuBop be open longer?
    • Raised by: Caroline Channell
    • Discussion: We would like to have more options for food later in the day. Could mini boxes of cereal be put out for students?
    • Decision: Mr. McCullagh: we would like to have the StuBop open as long as possible, but it is for profit, so free cereal or snacks isn’t really an option.
  5. Swimsuit Dryer
    • Raised by: Brought to Student Council by senior Chris Lansill on behalf of the water polo and swimming teams
    • Discussion: What is a swimsuit dryer? A device some gyms have that dries one’s swimsuit (similar to a hand dryer).
    • Decision: They may reduce the amount of water on the floor of the locker rooms. They’re not cheap (around $1,500). The topic was dismissed, but it will be brought up at a future meeting because it is a useful device that swimmers and water polo players would actually appreciate.
  6. Pep rally
    • Raised by: Kyle Doucette
    • Discussion: This is something that many students have been talking about and think could be a good event for school spirit. Mr. Spearing suggested that the best time to have a pep rally would be the Friday of Fall Family Weekend before the football game that night.
    • Decision: This could be a new and unique event that could be very fun for all students. We will talk about it at the next meeting.
  7. More buses to away games
    • Decision: We need to find an away game that students would like to go to during a time when they have few commitments such as a Green Friday.
  8. Dance on night of Halloween
    • Raised by: general consensus
    • Costume party
    • Haunted house?
    • Dances should be moved out of the StuBop. Into the gym?
    • Decision: Mr. Spearing is already planning a dance for that night. Activities Committee and Student Council will work with him in the next few weeks to figure out the best and most fun way to make this happen.
  9. Whole school assassin
    • Raised by: Leah Pezanowski
    • Discussion: Assassin is a tag-like game that eventually results in one winner. Known to have been played at other prep schools.
    • Decision: Sounds like something that could be fun. Could be something we incorporate into Spirit Week.
  10. Later Curfew
    • Raised by: Kyle Doucette
    • Discussion: For junior boarders, a curfew of 10:30 is annoyingly early. It gives little time to do much of anything between when study hall ends and when juniors must have their doors shut.
    • Decision: Nate and Kyle will draft a proposal for a later curfew for juniors and present it at our next meeting.

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