Proposal: Juniors earn slightly later curfew

2015-16 Student Council     Fall 2015     Proposal to Change Junior Curfew

This has been submitted to Ms. Noble and the administration for review.

Proposal: With good behavior, junior boarders can earn a slightly later curfew of 10:45 p.m. in place of the current 10:30 curfew.

At Student Council’s first meeting of the year, Senior Class Representative Kyle Doucette raised this issue. As a junior last year, Kyle said that he was annoyed by his curfew of 10:30 when Study Hall would often end a little past 10. This gave him little time to relax with the other members of the dorm at the end of each day. It also gave him little time to order food if he was hungry (this curfew change could benefit Easthampton business!) or do much of anything before his door had to be shut at 10:30.

Williston students have very demanding daily schedules, many of which leave little time for us to socialize in an unstructured manner with our peers. A few minutes at the end of each day, after two hours of focused studying, could be very beneficial for junior boarding students.

The Student Council’s proposal is to create a way for junior boarders to earn the right to have a slightly later curfew. We suggest that juniors should earn the later curfew if they go a full trimester without a Room Confinement (RC) or a Saturday Night Consequence (SNC). For example, if a junior boarder didn’t get an RC or SNC in the second trimester, he or she would get to have his or her curfew pushed back to 10:45 for the third trimester.

Senior boarders currently have an 11 p.m. curfew and we do not suggest any change to that or a way for juniors to earn an 11 p.m. curfew.

While we realize that this would be a relatively minor change, it is something that junior boarders would appreciate, and would make nothing but a positive impact on their daily lives.

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