This is where you can learn more about each member of the 2015-16 Student Council.

Class of 2016

Nate Gordon, Senior Class President

admin-ajaxThis is my sixth year as a day student at Williston, but my first on Student Council. In the last five years I have been able to experience many facets of Williston’s campus. Most importantly, since 8th grade I have been a writer and editor for our school newspaper, The Willistonian. This work has allowed me to communicate with and discuss issues relevant to you, the students, and this school’s administration and helped me to develop the skills I will need to serve my class and school as president. This year, I am Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper, a Men’s XC and Track & Field captain, and a day student proctor. I live in Amherst with my two younger sisters (my oldest sister, Dora, is a Williston freshman) and my mom and dad who are both college history professors. I very much look forward to working with every other member of the Student Council to help make your daily lives more enjoyable and meaningful.

Calvin Ticknor-Swanson, Senior Class Representative

Calvin T-S bio pic

This is my sixth year attending the Williston as a day student and second year on Student Council. I participate in a handful of extracurricular activities including: dance, chorus, theater, and improv club. My passion for the arts is what drives me and inspires me to be a better human. Family and friends mean everything to me and I wouldn’t be who I am without the people who have supported me throughout my life. I can’t wait to have an amazing last year! Let’s make it memorable!

Sideya Dill, Senior Class Representative

Sideya Dill bio pic

I am a boarding student from Bermuda and this is my third year at Williston. This will be my second year as a Class of 2016 Student Council representative. Along with Student Council, my passions are soccer, photography and journalism. I like to stay actively involved in the community: this year I will play on the Varsity Soccer team, be a Managing Editor of our school newspaper the Willistonian , an international student mentor, an admissions intern, and a Proctor in Mem. West. My favorite classes are AP English, Photography, Journalism and Spanish. When I came to Williston, I discovered many things about myself through the different things I was able to try through activities, sports, classes and clubs that the school had to offer. Williston is my second home and being a part of Student Council is important to me because it gives the students a voice so that we can help improve the school so that all who attend can discover their passions, while making Williston their second home, as well.

Kyle Doucette, Senior Class Representative

Photo 1This is my second year at Williston and it is my first on Student Council. I am a captain of the basketball and track and field teams. Off the court and field, I partake in Caterwaulers, the men’s chorus. You can find me practicing my game on the court and I always enjoy just hanging out with the Williston community. I wanted to be on student council to help Williston and make it the best place it can be and to help others enjoy being at this school as much as I do.

Yuwei Cao, Senior Class Representative

yuwei cao bio picI’ve been here at  Williston for three years already. This will be my first year on Student Council and I hope I can help Wildcats to have fun on campus and live passion. It will be an exciting year for me because I will also be one of the Proctors in Mem. East, an Arête tutor, an International Student Mentor, and one of the Girls Varsity Golf captains in the spring. Outside of school, I’m also running a charitable website with some of my friends. Painting and golfing are two of my favorite things to do during my spare time. Actually my favorite thing is FOOD. If someone need any suggestions for restaurants around the campus and in Northampton, I will be happy to help them figure this part out.

Class of 2017

Cody Cavanagh, Junior Class President

25570This is my third year at Williston, as well as my third year on Student Council–my second as the President of the Class of 2016. I am from nearby Holyoke and I have two younger brothers, Connor, who is in 8th grade at Williston, and Cole. I am a member of the Varsity Football and Baseball teams, and in the winter I play basketball. On campus, I am also a day student Proctor and an Admissions Tour Guide. I wanted to be on student council because I want to make a positive impact on the Williston community and plan fun events to further strengthen the bonds within our class. I will bring my many ideas, as well as leadership and organizational skills to make this year the best it can be.

Natalie Aquadro, Junior Class Representative

This is my 5th year at Williston, and my 3rd year on the student council. At Williston, I run cross country, swim, and run track. I have also played both soccer and lacrosse at school. I am also a part of the community service club, iWilliston, and I’m an Admissions Intern. This year I will be a captain for cross country and swimming. In my free time, I like eating at Tandem, and spending time with my friends and family. I wanted to be a part of the Student Council so that when I thought that certain things should be changed, I could act on them and find ways to make them better. I really enjoy being able to work with both faculty members and students to try to make things on campus as good as they can be. I like being a leader, and I like it when people feel like they can talk to me about new ideas that they have.

Nick Hill, Junior Class Representative

hill bio picThis year is my fifth year at Williston. I moved to Massachusetts from Georgia when I was entering seventh grade. That was one of the contributing factors as to why I chose Williston. I was immediately welcomed into the community and chose to stay at Williston for high school despite my previous plans to switch after eighth grade. In this coming year I will be a captain on the Men’s Cross Country team in addition to playing squash in the winter and track in the spring. If not out on one of the running trails you might also find me going draino on the basketball courts or in the library catching up on work. The subjects that interest me moth are math and theatre. I wanted to be on Student Council so that I can use my experience in different areas to make both new and returning students feel comfortable in the Williston community and to lend a different perspective. I am very comfortable around new people and I have experience with being in a completely new area and starting from scratch.  

Danny Hong, Junior Class Representative

134987This year is my second year at Williston, my first on Student Council. I swim, play soccer, and fence (epee). I am robotics team coach, WilliSTEM president, and Chess Club president. I enjoy reading books, and play chess. I wanted to be the representative because I want to innovate and renovate the school.



Leah Pezanowski, Junior Class Representative


Leah’s bio will be posted ASAP




Class of 2018

Caroline Channell, Sophomore Class President

IMG_6946 (3)This will be my second year on Student Council, but my first as Class President. This year there will be many new faces around campus, as well as familiar faces.  It is my personal goal to bring the sophomore class together as a unit. One of the best features of Williston is that students can be involved in sports and arts while managing schoolwork. I am on the Varsity Field Hockey and Lacrosse teams. I am also involved in theater and Widdigers, Williston’s female choir. By participating in many different activities on campus, I was able to meet a wide range of people who I may not have necessarily bonded with otherwise during my freshman year.  Because of this, I am always listening to the many different perspectives on campus and how to make campus better for everyone.

Ellie Scott, Sophomore Class Representative

Photo 1 (1)I am a day student from nearby Westhampton and this is my second year at Williston. This is also my second year as a Class Rep on Student Council. I run Cross Country and Track, and this is going to be my first year on the Disciplinary Committee. My favorite thing to do when not at school would be playing with my baby cousin Abe, because he is so adorable! I am so glad you gave me the opportunity to be on Student Council, because I love to hear your ideas and put them into action!



Katie Most, Sophomore Class Representative

image1I’m a day student from nearby Longmeadow. This is my second year at Williston, my first on Student Council. I’m a member of iWilliston. I wanted to be on student council to become more involved in the Williston community and to make this year a great one! 



Derrick Zhao, Sophomore Class Representative

23607Second year at Williston. I am a member of the Williston Math club. My favorite subjects are: science, math and economics. I’m considering business, economics, or applied math as college major. Outside the class, I enjoy playing the piano and my favorite sport is basketball. As an international student, contributing to develop the diversity of Williston and giving back to our community are what I want do . Everyone can do something for our school and gathering everyone can make us have the ability to accomplish anything. All in! Let’s make a difference together!


Natalie Romain, Sophomore Class Representative

Natalie RomainI am a day student from nearby Northampton. This is my third year at Williston and my second year as a class representative on Student Council. I wanted to join student council so I could give back to the Williston community. Williston has given me so much sense of belonging and comfort. In and outside of school, I love to play basketball and tennis. I am very excited to get involved this year on Student Council.


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