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Ort Report: Week 2!

This week was the second week that the food waste for the Ort Report was recorded! On Monday during lunch, diners produced 60.2 pounds! That is a great improvement from last week’s 98.6 pounds of waste! It seems like students and teachers are becoming more conscious of their impact of waste!

Although the 60.2 pounds is a commendable reduction from last week, please remember that the club is still tweaking the collection process of the Ort Report. This Monday, we collected food waste and liquid waste for only half of the lunch period; the other half we collected only food waste and forgot to collect liquid waste. The Ort Report is a process and glitches like this are inevitable, but hopefully next week we will be able to collect and measure the waste as accurately as possible!

Where Does Your Water Go?

We forget about it at the moment it swirls down the drain, as if it were sucked into a dark hole of endless space: once out of sight, it is out of mind. This is how many of us, myself included, think when we take showers or brush our teeth, but is this really how we should think about the water that we use? Shouldn’t we know where our water leads and what happens there? In this article, we will unravel the path across your pipes and the where it goes. Once experiencing the result of your water’s travel, you will believe that every flush counts.

Even though it is a small town, Easthampton produces massive amounts of waste, purifying anywhere from about 1.5 million to 8 million gallons of water in a day. The process of cleaning this dirty water expends many resources itself and it begins with you, when you use water.

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