Final Green Cup Challenge Results!

194 Main Street Sunrise

The Green Cup Challenge has recently concluded and the results are in!

Between the dorms, Conant and Sawyer came in first, reducing 28.7 percent in total! Conant and Sawyer will receive a pizza party and a plaque with their name on it! Although a new heating system was installed in Sawyer recently, they deserved to win the Green Cup Challenge. Almost every day, the lights in the hallways were off and electronics were unplugged. Students showed their awareness of their impact on the environment. See the full results of the dorm competition here.

The Green Cup Challenge is not only a dorm competition, but also a national competition. Among the 19 competing New England Boarding Schools, we finished in 7th place! Although we beat some of Williston’s greatest competitors, we still have room to improve for next year! See the results from the New England Boarding Schools Competition by clicking on “More Competitions” here and choosing “New England Boarding.”

Even though we did well in the Boarding School Competition, the purpose of the Green Cup Challenge is to educate and bring environmental awareness to each school’s community. By making assembly announcements, putting up posters around campus, and updating dorms about the inner-school competition. The heart of the Green Cup Challenge lies in educating and helping students to become more mindful of their impact on the environment.

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  1. Wonderful events to raise awareness for sustainability on campus! Congrates on 7th place in this year’s competition! Great work Nick and team!

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