Green Cup Challenge: Week 1 Results!

For the last two weeks Sustainable life has been keeping track of the amount of energy each dorm has been using, and our first week results are in! Green Cup Challenge at Williston is not only a national competition with other schools to reduce the most energy, but also a competition between each dorm. The winner who reduces the most amount of energy by February 12th, will get a pizza party!

Chart of each dorm, its recordings, and the percent change from the average.
Chart of each dorm, its recordings, and the percent change from the average.

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Ort Report: Week 3!!

Waste collected in the Dining Hall for the last three weeks!
Weight of waste collected in the Dining Hall for each week!

This week’s Ort Report measurement is great! We recorded a total of 78.2 pounds of waste! Now that we have collected three weeks of results, we have put together a graph to represent each week’s recordings! We will be adding results to this graph each week! The trend line is already on a downward slope!

Even though the measurements are a good representation of how the school is doing in the Ort Report, the Sustainable Life Club hopes to focus on more than just the numbers. We hope to help students and faculty gain a greater understanding and knowledge of their impact on the environment! Encouraging you to think about your impact, we hope that this thoughtfulness will translate into other parts of your daily life!

Ort Report: Week 2!

This week was the second week that the food waste for the Ort Report was recorded! On Monday during lunch, diners produced 60.2 pounds! That is a great improvement from last week’s 98.6 pounds of waste! It seems like students and teachers are becoming more conscious of their impact of waste!

Although the 60.2 pounds is a commendable reduction from last week, please remember that the club is still tweaking the collection process of the Ort Report. This Monday, we collected food waste and liquid waste for only half of the lunch period; the other half we collected only food waste and forgot to collect liquid waste. The Ort Report is a process and glitches like this are inevitable, but hopefully next week we will be able to collect and measure the waste as accurately as possible!

Ort Report Week 1

Students from the Sustainable Life Club help collect waste
Students from the Sustainable Life Club help collect waste

The first Ort Report was this Monday and the results are in! We produced 98 pounds of waste! We are thankful for the students’ cooperation with us as we collected the food waste! There were many people with clean plates! Hopefully students and teachers continue to reduce their food waste and remain conscious of their impact on the environment!

Although we did a great job, we hope to improve in the future. The 11:15-11:50 lunch block wasn’t covered, but we will be covering that time next week. This may affect our results by making the total weight less than it should be, but over the next couple of weeks we will be developing a baseline to see how much we regularly use.

We look forward to conserving food waste on Mondays with the community!

Green Cup Challenge and Ort Report Ahead!

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Have you thought recently about your impact on the environment?

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