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Ort Report Week 6!


Week 6 results
Week 6 results

This weeks Ort Report measurements are the best so far! We weighed a total of 49.6 pounds of leftovers from students’ and teachers’ plates!

As always, we look forward to improving even more. Our improvements so far show that the students have become much more aware of the impact of their waste. We look forward to setting a specific goal for diners to reach!

Ort Report Week 5!


            This week Sustainable Life Club had collected and measured a total of 77.4 pounds of food waste for the Ort Report. Last week we had a startling amount of 55.8 pounds, 20 pounds less than this week. Hopefully week four measurements will help students and faculty at Williston aim to get around 55.8 pounds or less. Overall, the average of food waste for the past five weeks have averaged to 74.64 pounds. The first week had measured around 98 pounds, so the slope is continuing on a decreasing slant (see graph).

Although Ort Report is succeeding in helping students realize their impact on the environment through their food waste on Mondays, the measurements are inconsistent. The goal of the Ort Report is to help students be aware of their impact even when measurements are not taken throughout the week and try to create a consistent habits for students and faculty. Hopefully, over the last weeks of the Second Trimester, the average will continue to lower as we become more environmentally conscious, including days beyond Monday.

The Great Backyard Bird Count!

The Sustainable Life Club is going to go bird watching this Saturday! As a part of the Great Backyard Bird Count, we will be spending about an hour outside counting how many birds we see. The purpose of the Great Backyard Bird Count is to create and record an annual estimation of the abundance and distribution of birds across the country. Each participant, or group of participants, will count the birds and then report the amount of birds they saw. The Great Backyard Bird Count is a simple and easy way for people across the country to get outside, see nature, and help contribute to a study.

We will be leading a bird count of our own on campus this Saturday 2/15 at 11:00 am. We will be meeting in the dining hall, then walking around campus counting birds until about 12:00. All are invited! By participating in the bird count, we hope to give students the opportunity to appreciate nature and be scientists, recording their observations in a natural setting.

Ort Report Week 4!

This week's results from the Ort Report!
This week’s results from the Ort Report!

This week’s Ort leftovers set a new record since we started this winter! On Monday the total food waste added up to be 58.8 pounds! When this project first started, we had about 98 pounds of waste, so students and faculty are making a difference and reducing less. The weekly trend is still continuing on a downward slope. Hopefully people continue not wasting and reducing, and making new records lower than 58 pounds.

Overall, these numbers may be a good example and initiative to waste less, but is not the goal of The Sustainable Life Club. We hope to help create good habits and inform others about their impact on the environment. Ort report is not taken daily, but every Monday. This trend in the graph shows great work, but the real challenge is to continue this habit throughout the week. Overall, keep up the good work reducing!