Community Garden Update and Invitations

Featuring our new Fence
Featuring our new Fence

Check out the new feature at the Community Garden! The black chain-link fence more clearly defines the growing area and is essential for providing a safe place for growing produce. The Sustainable Life Club is taking the lead in preparing the beds for the next planting season.

Join us on Saturday (10/8), 12:30 – 1:30. Come for 5 minutes or 25 minutes. Participate in planting seedlings to grow under a low tunnel yet this fall. No experience needed!

Also check out what else is “in season”.  Cover crops of oats and field peas are coming up in the first newly raked bed. Cover crops return nutrients to the soil and protect it from erosion. They boost the organic matter which increases the microbial community surrounding the roots. These plants will grow modestly in the fall and if the winter is not too harsh, out-compete the weeds in the spring. The oat plants have deep roots which help aerate and keep the soil loose. The pea plants will increase the nitrogen levels in the soil while climbing up the oat stalks. These plants will be pulled up and composted by mid-April making the bed available for your favorite produce crops.

Inside the fenced area, peppermint plants are perky, bright green and fragrant. I am confident you can ID this one! Pick a few leaves to put in your water bottle.

Please abide by these guidelines:

Close and latch the fence gate each time you pass through. Dogs must stay outside the fenced area.

Walk between the beds, not stepping in the planting rows, to avoid compacting the prepared soil.

Lastly, enjoy the Red Raspberries that remain ready for the picking. If you have not yet tasted these gems, hustle on over for a treat. Use your senses to find ones perfectly ripe for you!