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Green Cup Challenge Final Week!

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This week's measurements - the last week of the Green Cup Challenge!
This week’s measurements – the last week of the Green Cup Challenge!

This week, Conant and Sawyer stay in the lead while Clare and Hathaway follow closely behind.

Now, at the completion of this week, we are officially finished with the Green Cup Challenge! We hope, though, that these methods of conservation that you have been practicing for the last few weeks stay with you.

The Sustainable Life Club wants to help students gain a greater understanding and mindfulness of the environment, and we hope that by participating in this challenge, we have come closer to this goal.

Since the Green Cup Challenge is also a national competition, we will post our final rankings within the participating schools as soon as possible, as well as announce the winning dorm soon.

Green Cup Challenge Week 3!

Green Cup Challenge results per dorm
Green Cup Challenge results per dorm

As Green Cup Challenge continues on these weeks, a noticeable amount of energy has been saved, and still continues to be saved for the joint effort of Conant and Sawyer. So far, they are roughly using 30% less energy compared to their three week baseline based off of the last three years, here’s why.

They are trying! Lights off, heat low, no useless plugs lying around! But, as Sustainable Life Club members have recently found out, there is also a new heating system that uses gas instead of electricity in Sawyer. This nifty new device has helped out a ton this cold season by saving on heat and electricity! Also, because Sawyer has not been opened for students in the past 5 years, the baseline for the buildings of Sawyer and Conant are a bit low (of course, Sawyer still used a minimum amount of electricity in the past years to keep the pipes from freezing). But, as every building has their perks, Conant and Sawyer now have there’s as well. The readings this year will help create a baseline that is more realistic for next year, as they do for all the dorms. One thing to keep in mind: this is an international school competition, and hopefully this new heater along with everyone saving electricity, Williston can try to earn its way up the ladder for the competition. So keep up the good work! Especially as these weeks start to come to a close, with about one more meter reading left, since it ends on the 12th. Stay Green!

Green Cup Challenge Week 2!


Green Cup Challenge results from week 2!
Green Cup Challenge results from week 2!

The results are in! Green Cup Challenge has been a success for the past two weeks, with the majority of the buildings on campus conserving energy! As of now Conant and Sawyer are in the lead, with Clare following soon afterwards. But, there is always more room to improve! French house and the Middle School have the next two weeks to try to boost their position on the competition.

The main goal for Green Cup Challenge is to try to create better habits of saving energy throughout campus. This competition is not only for students on campus, but also day students, as building like the Middle School and Reed are included for their participation as well. It will continue on for the next two weeks, so one word of advice to all students: conserve! Don’t leave in plugs or keep unused lights on, and let us all try to save as much energy as we can for the next two weeks! I look forward to conserving with you!

Green Cup Challenge: Week 1 Results!

For the last two weeks Sustainable life has been keeping track of the amount of energy each dorm has been using, and our first week results are in! Green Cup Challenge at Williston is not only a national competition with other schools to reduce the most energy, but also a competition between each dorm. The winner who reduces the most amount of energy by February 12th, will get a pizza party!

Chart of each dorm, its recordings, and the percent change from the average.
Chart of each dorm, its recordings, and the percent change from the average.

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Ort Report: Week 3!!

Waste collected in the Dining Hall for the last three weeks!
Weight of waste collected in the Dining Hall for each week!

This week’s Ort Report measurement is great! We recorded a total of 78.2 pounds of waste! Now that we have collected three weeks of results, we have put together a graph to represent each week’s recordings! We will be adding results to this graph each week! The trend line is already on a downward slope!

Even though the measurements are a good representation of how the school is doing in the Ort Report, the Sustainable Life Club hopes to focus on more than just the numbers. We hope to help students and faculty gain a greater understanding and knowledge of their impact on the environment! Encouraging you to think about your impact, we hope that this thoughtfulness will translate into other parts of your daily life!