Three Cups of Tea and Barrels of Wisdom

Storytelling often gets lost in education, said Greg Mortenson, whose compelling presence held over five hundred listeners spellbound at Williston yesterday. Demonstrating the importance of stories in his own life and in the work he does around the world, Mortenson offered a snapshot of his life through slides and memorable vignettes of those whose lives he has touched and who in turn have touched him.

The climber turned humanitarian and bestselling author of Three Cups of Tea spent time with Williston students before and after his lecture, moving comfortably among tables of students from both the Middle and Upper Schools during lunch. Our students could not help but be affected by his message of spreading world peace through education, one child at a time.

Following the presentation, Williston students worked throughout the community doing service projects ranging from helping at local church thrift shop to making toys for a childrens’ hospital. Greg Mortenson’s presence was a powerful and moving testament to the effect an individual can have on a global stage, begging the question: Which of our students will achieve similar success?

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