Fun and Games at Muji Tournament

IMG 0217I have to admit that my antenna was up as March began. In the week before spring break, the trimester assessment period ended and third trimester’s classes began. I was curious to see how this transition would work.

Fortunately, the 10th annual Muji basketball tournament—sandwiched between intramural dodgeball and volleyball—answered my concerns. 

Watching Williston students and teachers in action, you could see that there was a lot of good-natured, all-school participation. We have a lot of fun with one another! 

At the tournament, there was the typical assortment of motley dress—one group of students donned orange astronaut jump suits purchased online—and what I took away was the spirit and just plain fun that teachers and students had together. 

Watch clips from the Muji tournament here.

We work hard at Williston, there’s no doubt about that, but we are also a community that knows how to have fun—that’s particularly evident in the games. Tournaments like Muji are now solidly part of our modern tradition.

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