Fiddler Plays to Packed Houses

Nearly 10 percent of Williston Northampton’s students were involved in the astonishing run of “Fiddler on the Roof,” which played to packed houses.

I have never missed a school play in my nearly 30 years in secondary education, and Williston’s Fiddler ranks at the top—not just for the overall effect of the show, but for some of stories from behind the scenes.

People are shocked to learn (I sure was) that two of the leads tread their first steps on stage in this show—a testimony to the coaching they have received from director Emily Ditkovski. Ditkovski focused on the process of discovery that new actors experience in doing things they never thought possible.

The tremendous accomplishments of the stage manager, light technicians, technical theater crew, costume creators—all amazing.  Adults and students come together in theater in what is quintessentially an incubator for content creation and collaboration.

Hat’s off to Williston’s theater.

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