Place to Place: Camp Belknap and Williston

Hanging in the main room at YMCA Camp Belknap on Lake Winnepausake are all sorts of banners, from colleges, universities, and boarding and private schools.  Williston’s banner has a spot in the pantheon in New Hampshire, hung many years ago by an unknown hand, I gather. The banner reveals a long connection between the two places—a connection that continues to this day.

Photo courtesy of Roger Maroni ’77

Roger Maroni ’77, who maintains an affiliation with Belknap, passed this photo along.  I had a chance to see the banner for myself when picking up our son Robby, who enjoyed a week of camp at Belknap. As a a sixth grade student, Robby got to experience the kind of connections that our students make in their own formative years to Williston.

As we gather together as a faculty to prepare for the school’s 172nd year, I think of the human connections that endure well beyond the passage of a single season.  This coming year will be filled with all sorts of accomplishments, disappointments, acts of selflessness, and acts of kindness. Above all, students and faculty alike will form connections to Williston. This is a transformative place—one which confers meaning and influence well beyond the Homestead’s gates.

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  1. How did I not know Robby spent two weeks at Camp Belknap? Our two boys, Colin and Christian, spent many summer “under the Pines.” It is a truly special place and no surprise that Belknap piques the interest of Williston boys.

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