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Minutes for 10/2 (second meeting of the year)

Date: 10/2/15     Time: 7:30 a.m.     Location: P.A. Room

Member of the Student Council Present: Nate Gordon ‘16, Cody Cavanagh ‘17, Caroline Channell ‘18, Calvin Ticknor-Swanson ‘16, Kyle Doucette ‘16, Yuwei Cao ‘16, Sideya Dill ‘16, Natalie Aquadro ‘17, Leah Pezanowski ‘17, Nick Hill ‘17, Ellie Scott ‘18, Katie Most ‘18, Derrick Zhao ‘18, Natalie Romain ‘18, Glede Wang ‘19, Rachel Burke ’19, Robby Hill ’19, Catherine King ’19, Molly Solan ’19,

Faculty/Administrators Present: Mr. Hill, Ms. Noble, Mr. Spearing,

Topics are listed in the order in which they were raised.

Curfew Proposal

Raised by: Nate Gordon

Discussion: Nate and Kyle drafted a proposal to submit to administration that proposes junior boarders earning a later curfew with good dorm behavior. Proposal is in “In the Works” tab of website.

Decision: Nate will submit proposal to Ms. Noble.

Lunch with Student Council

Raised by: Nate Gordon

Discussion: Everyone agreed that this would be something very good to do.

Decision: Nate will send out survey to Student Council to see which day works best. Hopefully will happen sometime next week (week of 10/5).

StuBop Funds Charity?

Raised by: Mr. Spearing

Discussion: This is something that we should be thinking about, but don’t yet have to decide. List of potential charities, compiled by Mr. Spearing, is in the “In the Works” section of the website

Decision: Will be decided later in the trimester.

Spirit Week

Raised by: Caroline Channell

Discussion: We discussed a few of the details including which days should have which themes. Here are some notes: Preceding fall family weekend…19th-23rd… Football game under the lights that Friday…We need to publicize the week, specifically the themes, better…Reach out to middle school more…Twin day?…Williston apparel day that Friday?…Decade day?…Favorite Childhood characters day?…Class color day?

Decision: Student Council should coordinate with Mr. Spearing and the Activities Committee to really promote Spirit Week to make it fun.

Pep Rally

Raised by: General consensus

Discussion: If this is something we want to do, then it should be held on the Friday of Family Weekend before the football game that night. A few members of the Student Council will meet with Mr. Spearing to discuss if this is something that could happen/ we want to happen. If so, how?

Decision: Student Council group will meet with Mr. Spearing to discuss.

SAGE Dining

Summary: Ms. Derby from dining services came to the meeting and asked for feedback from us on the dining hall. Here are a few notes: Hot chocolate (last year’s machine broke, working on getting new one, hot chocolate bar coming up…To go cups…Hard to find the ketchup (Ms. Derby told us this would be fixed…Cranberry juice was reinstalled!…Water spout (right now there is just the small lever (Ms. Derby says that the machine would have to get rid of a drink to add the water spout… Adding another chocolate milk in place of 2%. (Probably not very possible)…Some stations create long lines (especially at dinner)…More vegetarian options-“how to be a vegetarian at Sage.”

Dance on night of Halloween

Raised by: general consensus

Discussion: Costume party…Haunted house?…Dances should be moved out of the StuBop. Moved into the gym?

Decision: Mr. Spearing is already planning a dance for that night. Activities Committee and Student Council will work with him in the next few weeks to figure out the best and most fun way to make this happen.

Zuzzy’s Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Raised by: Suzy Abreu ’16 (not on Student Council)

Discussion: Suzy would like for us to sell it as a fundraiser in the near future.

Decision: The Community Service club has this planned for November.

Community 5k

Raised by: Sophomore Class

Discussion: The sophomore class would like to put on a fundraiser 5k race (that would most likely happen in the Spring) Things to consider: open to general public or just the Williston community…Held on Williston XC course or another route?…Get sponsors?…Competition between classes?…

Halloween Dance/Location of Dances

Raised by: Sideya

Discussion: Mr. Spearing already has a Halloween dance planned. Other schools have been invited and a DJ has been booked. Here are a few more notes: Halloween…Dining hall ideal…Stu Bop…Gym may be too spacious… Costumes… Haunted on campus House-where?… Loomis, Suffield, Deerfield, Westminster, WMA, Ethel Walker, etc…Trick or treat stations on campus-on the quad-faculty houses?…Each class has different theme…Ticket money can go to charity…Make costume party a fundraiser


Notes: A homecoming has been scheduled—alumni have been invited.

Decision: Speak to Mrs. Cheney about when this will happen/how?

 Willy Snap Story

Raised by: Kyle Doucette

Discussion: Would it be possible to get a campus story, especially for Spirit Week.

Decision: Speak with Ms. Hanley from Office of Communications about the potential to set one up.

 Teacher Evaluations

Raised by: Natalie Aquadro

Discussion: The way that teacher evaluations are set up and the timing at which they are presented could be improved. Suggestions: have students fill them out when teachers write comments…Students need more time to do them (they shouldn’t just be something students do quickly at the end of a class)…The questions could be more effective.

Decision: We need to speak with Mr. Valine, Dean of the Faculty, to get a sense of what kind of flexibility he could have for revising teacher evaluations.