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Minutes for 10/16 Meeting

2015-16 Student Council     Date: 10/2/15     Time: 7:30 a.m.     Location: P.A. Room

Member of the Student Council Present: Nate Gordon ‘16, Cody Cavanagh ‘17, Caroline Channell ‘18, Calvin Ticknor-Swanson ‘16, Kyle Doucette ‘16, Yuwei Cao ‘16, Sideya Dill ‘16, Natalie Aquadro ‘17, Leah Pezanowski ‘17, Nick Hill ‘17, Danny Hong ‘17, Ellie Scott ‘18, Katie Most ‘18, Derrick Zhao ‘18, Natalie Romain ‘18, Glede Wang ‘19, Rachel Burke ’19, Robby Hill ’19, Catherine King ’19, Molly Solan ’19,

Faculty/Administrators Present: Mr. Hill, Ms. Noble, Mr. Spearing, Mr. Rivenburgh, Ms. Conroy, Ms. Derby (SAGE)

Topics are listed in the order in which they were raised.

Note: Due to spending much of the meeting discussing the self-study and the StuBop, we weren’t able to discuss much of what was on the agenda.


Williston is conducting a self-study that it will present to an outside group. The self-study is meant to evaluate how the school is doing and find out what it could be doing better. Mr. Rivenburgh and Ms. Conroy came to our meeting to ask us a few questions related to the study. Their questions related to advising, diversity, and technology. Members of the Student Council talked about what Williston does well in these three area and about how the school could improve.

Diversity Day

This came up through our discussion about diversity for the self-study. Mr. Hill told us that the school is not planning on having a Diversity Symposium similar to the one last year. Instead, the topic of diversity will be discussed throughout the year in collaboration with celebrating Williston’s 175th year.


Ms. Derby from Dining Services came to our meeting to get some feedback on the new StuBop. There weren’t many complaints, but we did request for the StuBop to increase its hours, offer options to students when they can’t go to the Dining Hall.

Update on Curfew Proposal

Raised by: Ms. Noble

Discussion: The proposal for a slightly later curfew for juniors made it through the first round of the confirmation process. The final step is for it be approved by dorm heads. If it is, it will be put into place for Trimester 2.

Spirit Week

Raised by: General Consensus

Discussion: We had to decide which day of Spirit Week (beginning 10/19) would have which themes. Ones we considered: All black, Superhero, Pajama day, Opposite day, Hometown day, Neon, Favorite TV/ movie character, Mix and match, Pink day

Decision: Final: Twin Tuesday, Wednesday (Pink), Thursday (Patriotic-all countries), Friday (Williston apparel)

What we couldn’t get to on the agenda:

Student Council in the Middle School

  • Suggested by eighth grader Nat Markey at “Lunch with Student Council

Powder Puff

  • Need to hear what Ms. Noble says, but this is an event I’d (Nate Gordon) like have.

Bathing Suit dryer

  • Came up at previous meeting. Requested by Calvin Frye ’16 and Chris Lansill ’16 on behalf of the water polo team. Would be a useful machine to dry bathing suits quickly after practice.

Nick Hill

  • Coke mile.

Connor Murray ‘16

    • Connor has requested a petting zoo.
    • Faculty dog petting for exam week. Colleges do it.

Sophomore Class

    • Diversity day- needs to happen
    • Having it on a half day-> Wednesday or Saturday
    • Karam Foundation
    • Lady Cats instead of powderpuff
    • Lost and found email
    • List on board in reed, online, somewhere
    • Juice tasting @ lunch to see what one we should get rid of