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About the Archives — and this Blog

The campus, 1867

The Williston Northampton School Archives actively collect and preserve source materials for the documentation and study of all aspects of Williston Northampton’s history, from the founding of our parent institutions, Williston Seminary (1841) and Northampton School for Girls (1924), to the present day. The Archives are valuable not only as a repository of documents and memorabilia, but as a teaching resource. They are a means through which our students and alumni can come to appreciate the values and traditions which have shaped the school we know today.

Just as the school is central to the lives of today’s students, thousands of alumni and alumnae have been educated and inspired by Northampton School for Girls, Williston Academy, Williston Seminary, and The Williston Northampton School.  Whatever the name of the institution you attended, you share a history — indeed, Williston Northampton history is, in part, your history.

The Northampton School for Girls Library, ca. 1945. Photo donated by Barbara Moog Finlay ’45.

The Archives’ mission, then, is not merely to preserve, or even to inform, but to share the school’s long and rich history, one full of tradition, innovation, and many splendid characters.  Sharing is essentially multidirectional: we hope that you will consider these pages your own, and share your stories.  Within this blog we hope not only to inform, but to entertain, even occasionally to infuriate.

We seek not only your memories, but school documents and memorabilia of all kinds.  At present we are especially interested in student journals and letters, academic work, photographs, and would like to fill gaps in certain school publications, notably certain issues of Northampton School’s Annual Catalogue, Pegasus, and The Willistonian.  Please don’t let these important pieces of our history be lost to future generations!  If you have material you would like to share, or stories to tell, please email archives@williston.com.

3 thoughts on “About the Archives — and this Blog”

  1. I really enjoyed reading about the Button Factory. Would love to see more town history on the numerous textiles produced here. My mom worked most of her life working at United Elastic & her dad was a security guard at Williston for many years. She told me stories about how as a teenager in the 1940’s she used to babysit for many of the children of the faculty!

  2. I loved the article on the Intersession. The program was the highlight of the year and Williston stood out from other prep schools. It’s a shame that the school sees this program as unproductive. I disagree. I graduated in 1982 , when the program was organizated, varied and productive. My time was spent exploring the arts like improvisation and pottery. I gained self esteem,joy of the arts and great communication skills.Although we did not receive grades , continuing evaluation and constructive criticism allowed me to grow. Williston should bring it back.

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Williston Northampton and Local History . . . Your History!