Ort Report Week 4!

This week's results from the Ort Report!
This week’s results from the Ort Report!

This week’s Ort leftovers set a new record since we started this winter! On Monday the total food waste added up to be 58.8 pounds! When this project first started, we had about 98 pounds of waste, so students and faculty are making a difference and reducing less. The weekly trend is still continuing on a downward slope. Hopefully people continue not wasting and reducing, and making new records lower than 58 pounds.

Overall, these numbers may be a good example and initiative to waste less, but is not the goal of The Sustainable Life Club. We hope to help create good habits and inform others about their impact on the environment. Ort report is not taken daily, but every Monday. This trend in the graph shows great work, but the real challenge is to continue this habit throughout the week. Overall, keep up the good work reducing!


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