Community Gardens Promote Collaboration

This student perspective was written by Ryan Dwyer ’19

I had a great time planting the garden at Williston. A lot of preparation was needed. First, a group of around four students planned what they wanted to grow and what vitamins and benefits it had. DSCN6324Before planting, we weeded the garden boxes and added fresh compost made at Williston. On the day of planting, we gathered the seeds and executed our plan.

My garden group planted lettuce, potatoes, carrots, and sunflowers. I had a wonderful time throughout the process, and can’t wait for the results and to give vegetables to the local food bank.  I was happy that the preschoolers came and helped us plant. It was fun to watch them dig the holes and plant the marigolds. They also seemed very interested in the purpose of the marigolds* and what we had planted. It was great to have them come and become gardeners with us. Ryan marigold kids

*Marigolds planted among food crops help repel several different garden pests. The preschool class started the marigolds from seed in their classroom.

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