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Earth Day This Wednesday the 22nd!

This Wednesday, April 22 is this year’s Earth day! To get Williston in the sustainable spirit we are planning a hike, showed the Lorax this past Sunday, and will be encouraging students to wear green on Earth day. We are also hoping to give students a way to show off their sustainable accomplishments with the hashtag #willyearthday2015. If you and your friends recycle, pick up trash or do anything else that is sustainable (like using the new water bottle filling stations on campus) you can use the hashtag and tweet it at iWilliston!

Earth Day falls on April 22 every year, and is widely considered the anniversary of the beginning of the modern environmental movement in 1970. Last year for Earth Day we had also had a hike up Mt. Tom, and did some work in the garden, let’s make this year’s Earth Day even better!

Hope you all stay green (and blue) on Earth Day!

Alex Fay

Diversity Workshop

Think Differently: Sharing Sustainable Perspectives

On February 20th, during the Diversity Symposium, the Sustainability Club ran a fun, interactive workshop for several students. The workshop included demonstrations about clean water, usable land top soil, over fishing and resources, and aquaculture.  Our main goal was to introduce and educate the students about sustainability and its environmental, cultural, and economic viewpoints through different activities. Some of the activities asked students for their input of what sustainability was and how they could make a difference. Some of the responses are below.

What does sustainability mean?

  1. “Sustainability is the action where something will never diminish and will always be available”
  2. “Sustainability means having enough resources and using them smartly so they will last”
  3. “Sustainability: keeping a healthy earth/ecosystem for all living things”
  4. “Sustainability is the efficient and responsible usage of our resources in a way that also preserves the beauty of Nature”
  5. “In my perspective sustainability means to protect the environment, decrease water consumption, and use more efficient energy”
  6. “To  keep the environment a nice place to live in”
  7. “The preservation and salvation of keeping the Earth green”
  8. “Sustainability means to have sustainable life such as enough resources to live”

How can we make an impact in our community?

  1. “By encouraging a sustainable approach to the campus ecosystem”
  2. “Make sure we recycle correctly”
  3. “Use less water, don’t litter, use less energy. Recycle.”
  4. “Could make rules so we don’t run out of stuff”
  5. “We could try to presrve animals and plants better. Not use pesticides. Limit the usage of non-renewable resources”
  6. “Spread awareness and reduce, reuse, recycle.”
  7. “We need to let everybody know the importance of being a sustainable society, and in need to spread out the idea of saving resources”
  8. “Educate people in our community about environmental impacts”

The responses were nice to use when addressing how sustainability has an important economic and cultural aspect besides the most popular environmental one. This was addressed in our case study of aquaculture from a small  farm. As the weeks continue, the club hopes to educate more students about their impact in the community and globally. Keep an eye out for the Ort Report that will be addressing Food waste in the weeks to come!