Home and Away

Saturday’s athletic contests were a good chance for me to observe Williston fan loyalty when I took to the road and followed the varsity field hockey team to their match against longtime rival Westminster School. Both teams hold top records in the league and so the game promised to be a close one. Though the Wildcats outshot the home team Martlets, the game ended in an overtime loss in the sudden death format recently adopted by field hockey. With at least as many Williston parents at this away game as their home team rivals, our girls enjoyed great support.

The 45-minute ride back to Easthampton on the scenic college highway gave me a chance to reflect upon this strength of our school. From involvement in the Parents’ Association and Parents’ Fund, to the post-game snacks they bring for their children’s teams, to their attendance at the entire range of student performances at Williston, parents here are committed to the collaborative enterprise of helping teenagers realize their full potential.

Later in that same evening, with the girls soccer team playing at home under the lights to a draw against Westminster, I saw another throng of our parents cheering on their children, only this time their voices were drowned out by the cheers of our own students in the stands. We have a spirited school to be sure, and I look forward to supporting another team this week—our thespians—in their production of The Importance of Being Earnest.

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