The Play’s the Thing

Attending my first Williston theater production with my family on the second night of the run made for a memorable evening. Williston has long enjoyed a reputation for having one of the very best drama programs among its peer schools, and seeing what our students achieved in The Importance of Being Earnest affirmed everything that has been said about this storied program. From the various technical elements and behind the scenes work to our students’ acting ability that was on full display, the performance was first-rate!

Having seen any number of high school plays (and, for that matter, professional productions) over the years, I have a fairly solid context upon which to base comparisons, and what I saw our students and faculty accomplish together was simply outstanding. On a micro level, the arts are alive and well at Williston. On a macro level, working in theater represents precisely the kind of collaborative learning that will best serve our students as they progress in their educational journey and enter the 21st century workforce.

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