January 20th Competition

Wildcat Robotics – a team of 18 students and 2 robots have been busy for the past few months getting ready for a string of competitions. Five members of the team competed Saturday January 20th and had a great time. This year’s game called “In the Zone” requires robots to move cones around a playing field into various point zones. Our team brought RAMBOt for it’s first competition. We were paired with some really amazing alliances and together we completed 8 matches.  At the end of it all, we had won 3 matches and came close in others. We met a lot of other teams and learned a lot of interesting things. Our driver, Mac, was able to move a few mobile goals into the zone and then play amazing defense each round. In the skills competition, he placed our robot 12th out of 27! Joined by coaches Drew, Abby, Glede, and Ken, along with Ms. Lucia, we had a great day! Both robots are headed for competition this Saturday January 27 and we expect great things! Stay tuned to hear more!