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Back from Long Weekend








Our teams are doing great work ! Team 3157N, under Mac’s leadership, has finished constructing the drive chassis, which is the base structure of the robot. They are planning to work on lifting mechanisms in the upcoming weeks, including first designing a reversible arm and then a cascade when necessary parts arrive.






On the other side of the room, Team 3157A is working on adding rubber bands to their drive chassis and finalizing their ball intake. They also started to work on coding at this very early stage of the competition. In the following week, they will finish the chassis and test the ball-intake.






There are also some changes in team compositions. Rider stepped down and Ken’21, stepped up as the leader of Team 3157A. Abby becomes a member of Team Ken as well. In this way, we make both teams more balanced and more cooperative.

Overall, we had some real progresses going on in the last couple weeks. Keep working Wildcat!

February 3rd Match at Choate

Over the long weekend, Team N had an excellent time at a competition hosted by Choate. Three team members, Abby, Ken, and Mac went along with Jack from Team A, who brought an extra set of hands and scouting experience! We did well, winning 4 out of 6 matches and placing 17th overall out of 49 teams! Mac, our amazing driver, controlled one of the fastest robots there. Through moving mobile goals (cones) into point zones and playing intense defense, we were able to score highly while working with our alliances. We had a few tricky situations but Mac was able to get out of them with help from the coach, Abby, and strategist, Ken. Although we did not make it to the elimination round, we are proud of what we accomplished with a smaller team! We learned so much at the competition along with meeting some other very nice teams and grew stronger together. Stay tuned for an article about last Saturday’s competition where Team A was in West Haven to practice before they head to regionals on March 3rd and 4th!

January 20th Competition

Wildcat Robotics – a team of 18 students and 2 robots have been busy for the past few months getting ready for a string of competitions. Five members of the team competed Saturday January 20th and had a great time. This year’s game called “In the Zone” requires robots to move cones around a playing field into various point zones. Our team brought RAMBOt for it’s first competition. We were paired with some really amazing alliances and together we completed 8 matches.  At the end of it all, we had won 3 matches and came close in others. We met a lot of other teams and learned a lot of interesting things. Our driver, Mac, was able to move a few mobile goals into the zone and then play amazing defense each round. In the skills competition, he placed our robot 12th out of 27! Joined by coaches Drew, Abby, Glede, and Ken, along with Ms. Lucia, we had a great day! Both robots are headed for competition this Saturday January 27 and we expect great things! Stay tuned to hear more!

Weekly Update #1

First week of out transition to Activities Period and we are still hard at work. As expected a few members have left due to other commitments or otherwise, but are team is still very strong!

Code for the robot is currently further along than we’ve achieved in previous years, but our robot its self is still underway. Debates on its build schedule are currently being discussed, but it looks like next week it will have significant improvement 🙂

Feel free to stop the by tech class from 2:45 – 3:30 to check out what we do and observe our progress!