A Week of Hard Work

Hello Everyone! Greetings from your favorite Robotics team, Wildcats!

This is a top view of the field we are going to compete on. There are flags, caps, balls, and parking lots where we can gain points. The nine flags on the top need to be turned to the color of our assigned team (red or blue), and the upper two must be hit by a launched ball. The caps have to be stuck on top of the six sticks on the left, right and bottom. The parking lots are for robots to park at the end of the competition. The middle three parking lots are lifted from the ground, so it’s hard for robots to climb up there and not to be pushed off by opponents.

This year, we will compete with two teams: 3157N lead by Jack’20 and Rider’20, and 3157A lead by Mac’20. Seniors Kohmei, Andrew and Glede will serve as coaches and overseers.

Although some of the most crucial parts including motors have not come in yet, both teams worked really hard this week. We are really making good use of what we’ve got!

Here are some examples of the progresses we made this week:

This is a L-shaped cap-grabber designed by 3157N. It is less alignment dependent, light and easy to integrate to the whole robot. However, it is not intuitive for driver to control, meaning that we will need extra practice time, and it will make the lift to become higher than it needs to be. We still need to overcome this problem.

Here is a video of 3157A Team members Peter and Tee testing their ball-launcher. It can shoot 2 balls at a time. Click the green words to watch this ten-seconds click!



We will keep doing mechanisms and prototype developing until the core parts arrive. Please keep following us and see our progresses!



Happy New Year!

Happy New (School) Year everyone!

Your favorite Robotics team is back! Horaaaaay!!With more than 15 Wildcats AND a brand new Battle room 🙂

New members this term include: Abhinil Bagde, Aaron Hammer, Kai Hori, Jillian Perry, Tee Tesharojanasup, David Li, and more to come!

Today we deconstructed and organized recyclable parts from last year. Can you believe that there are so many bright minds and hands in this room?

Well, that’s exactly what we need to overcome an unprecedented challenge! This year’s Vex Robotics Competition is named the Turning Point. Here is a link for you to see a 2-minute introduction of the rules. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDDGBcs0TFM

Viewers, thank you so much for your generous support! Please follow us and we will keep you in the loop!

Wildcats Robotics are off for a bright future, starting today!