Back from Long Weekend








Our teams are doing great work ! Team 3157N, under Mac’s leadership, has finished constructing the drive chassis, which is the base structure of the robot. They are planning to work on lifting mechanisms in the upcoming weeks, including first designing a reversible arm and then a cascade when necessary parts arrive.






On the other side of the room, Team 3157A is working on adding rubber bands to their drive chassis and finalizing their ball intake. They also started to work on coding at this very early stage of the competition. In the following week, they will finish the chassis and test the ball-intake.






There are also some changes in team compositions. Rider stepped down and Ken’21, stepped up as the leader of Team 3157A. Abby becomes a member of Team Ken as well. In this way, we make both teams more balanced and more cooperative.

Overall, we had some real progresses going on in the last couple weeks. Keep working Wildcat!

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