Sharing Williston Northampton and Local History

Coming Soon!

In the coming months, look for these features on the Archives Blog!

The Great Williston Revolution of 1878

A reminder that we didn’t invent campus protest in the 1960s after all, and an object lesson in how a Head of School can manage to get everything wrong.

Shakespeare at WillistonMerry Wives

Will has appeared frequently on Williston stages at least since a production of The Merchant of Venice in the twenties.  And we have photographs!


The True History of the Lion

It’s complicated.  Consider this as close to truth as you’re likely to get.

Sammy, My What?

The origins of The Song, including the seeds of the Old Elm Tree.

Students Behaving Badly

Who could ask for more?  This could become an ongoing feature.

Photo by Ken Edwards ’70

And much more!

Photo by Richard Teller ’70


One thought on “Coming Soon!”

  1. The work involved in creating the ARCHIVES is beyond stupendous-magnificent-unbelievable!
    The writing contributions are mesmerizing for this reader—
    Richard Teller’s involvement with the Archives is just plain sensitively superb—
    This reader is so very glad that I —at least—graduated from the Middle School in 1955
    before I ran away (literally/to NYC)from the Upper School during the fall of 1955, thus missing out on graduating in 1959 with my arch rival in Public Speaking and a tremendous human being, Chip Palmer. But I’ll never forget “reading” the pride on my brother’s face (Conrad Fisher -Williston/52) as Chip and I competed for first place during graduation ceremonies.

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Sharing Williston Northampton and Local History