About the Garden

The vision for these gardens is to grow food crops using organic, sustainable methods.

Raised beds have benefits-

  • Grow food everywhere by building good soil up, even in marginal areas
  • Reduce compaction by walking around the plantings, not on the soil- more oxygen for roots!
  • Extend the growing season- soil warms up earlier in the spring
  • Allows for good drainage


Laying down cardboard mulch in the fall keeps the beds weed-free until planting time in the spring. The cardboard also encourages worms to till the soil underneath. Mulches retain moisture and prevent erosion.



Clover is a green mulch covering the soil to crowd out weeds, retain moisture, and increases the usable nitrogen in the soil.

Nodules on the roots of clover and other legumes are home to rhizobia bacteria that are able to take free nitrogen from the air and convert it to nitrogen compounds that plants can use to build proteins essential for growth.


Composting weeds, leaves, paper toweling, and kitchen scraps helps us return nutrients to the soil for healthy produce season after season.



Rain barrels collect rain water from nearby roofs. Our two barrels can hold 50 gallons each. This water is used first before drawing water from a faucet for conservation and optimal growth.

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