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Open Mic: Music to Light a Village

Music Notes

Music NotesThe Sustainable Life Club is partnering with OWLI to put on Open Mic: Music to Light a Village on Sunday, May 12th at 7pm in the Chapel. The event will showcase the musical talents of Williston students while benefiting OWLI’s initiative in Kenya to replace kerosene with solar panels for lighting. Students may schedule an audition for the event by emailing Maggie Dewey ’13 at

Solar Panel and Light
A solar panel from Barefoot Power Limited, the company OWLI will purchase solar panels from.

OWLI, the One World Leadership Institute, works to create learning environments that foster the development of critical thinkers who will become the ethical leaders of our ever-changing world. Specifically, OWLI works to create sustainable student-run businesses in Kenya. OWLI’s solar panel project will provide students in a Kenyan village the first solar panels to get their business started.

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Green Cup Challenge Update

Green Cup Challenge Week 3 Results

Before we make the announcement all of you are waiting for, you should first check out an amazing video made for the Green Cup Challenge by Alex Kozikowski ’14. You can view all of the videos and cast your vote here.

These past two weeks have yielded excellent results for most dorms on campus. The Mid-Winter Break helped dorms because most dorms on campus were empty for several days. With only one week to go, the pressure is mounting to see who saved the most energy.

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Green Cup Challenge Week 1 Results

194 Main Street Sunrise
194 Main Street Sunrise
The students in 194 Main Street has reduced their electricity consumption by 14% this week.

The first week of the 2013 Green Cup Challenge has yielded fierce competition and fantastic results. The students in French House have a clear lead over their competitors, reducing their electricity consumption by 33%, compared to their weekly average consumption. Despite speculation that smaller dorms would have a harder time reducing electricity usage because there are a limited number of ways they could save energy, the members of French have been very successful in their efforts.

Another dorm worthy of praise is Ford Hall. Ford, despite the electricity used by the Dining Commons and the Children’s Center, has been able to decrease their use of electricity by 11%. Even though they were not ranked among the top three dorms after the first week, the students in Ford Hall have saved the most energy. Ford has saved 760 kWh, enough to power French House for a few weeks.

The full results for week one are below.

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Green Cup Challenge Underway

A student in 194 turns off the lights.
A student in 194 turns off the lights.
A student turns off the lights in an effort to save electricity and help his dorm win the Green Cup Challenge at Williston.

This past Wednesday, the 2013 Green Cup Challenge began. With dorms trying to reduce their electricity use as much as possible, students are turning off their lights, unplugging their chargers, and using other creative energy saving solutions.

The annual competition is among dorms on campus, as well as among schools across the the country. While it is important for individual dorms to save as much electricity as possible, the ultimate goal is to reduce Williston’s electricity as much as possible.

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