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Spring Planting in the Garden

Ever wondered what those stakes were doing in the garden? How about those hay bales? Or the new ditches near the compost bins? The Sustainable Life club has worked hard to get this season’s crop planted this spring and ready to harvest when we come back to school in September. We have dug those ditches, pitched the stakes, and laid the hay bales in order to learn a little about agriculture and make salsa at the beginning of the school year.

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From Gutter To Ground

I really love carrots. Sweet and crunchy, they make a delicious snack fresh from the garden. “Wouldn’t it be great if we could harvest carrots before the school year ends?” I proposed to the Sustainable Life Club when we were planning what to plant for spring. Wondering how we could start to grow carrots even when it was too cold outside for the carrots to germinate, Ms. Lucia, the club advisor, gave the idea of planting carrots in gutters.   Continue reading