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Final Call for Janus Submissions

​The deadline for submissions is the end of the day on Wednesday, MAY 14. If you have any poetry, prose, photography, paintings, drawings, songs, short films, or any other kind of artistic work that you would like to have featured in the magazine, please attach the work as an attachment to an email and send it to

The deadline date was incorrect in a previous email. We apologize for this horrible, horrible mistake. We have written a short poem in order to express our feelings of sorrow for this grievous error. We hope you enjoy, and we pray that you still will send us your work.

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Janus Poetry Competition for April

Want to win a Tandem Bagels gift card?

Submit a poem to the monthly JANUS POETRY COMPETITION!

The April Janus Competition

Poem style: Concrete Poetry

What is concrete poetry? Concrete poetry are poems in which the words are constructed to create an image (see examples).

TO SUBMIT, please send the email with the subject as ” [Put your name here], APRIL Janus Comp ” to with an attached word document which has in it both your name and the title of your piece.

The winner will get a GIFTCARD TO TANDEM and be put in Janus!

Good luck to all, and stay awesome.


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