Daily Announcements from Williston Northampton

Experiment in International Living Blogs

The Experiment in International Living offers Williston Northampton students scholarships, made possible through the generosity of an alumna. Williston students have visited countries including Ecuador, France, and Spain.  Each year, a representative from the program also speaks at assembly about travel and scholarship opportunities and previous student participants share their experiences.

This summer, student participants Calvin Ticknor-Swanson ’16  and Billy Ashenden ’17, are also sharing their travel stories through the Experiment in International Living blogs. Find the full blog list here: http://www.experiment.org/read-our-blogs/  

Calvin Ticknor-Swanson’s program blog – http://eilnua1.tumblr.com/

Billy Ashenden’s program blog – http://eilkrs1.tumblr.com/ 

Fitness Center Closed in August

Starting Monday, August 10, the Fitness Center will be closed so equipment can be moved out, the floor can be replaced, the mirrors removed, the entire space painted, and new weight lifting equipment installed.  The work is expected to take about one month.  The Fitness Center will re-open on Monday, September 7.  

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we are sure these improvements will be of great benefit for our students when they arrive back on campus in September.

Operation Wallacea

Dear Students and Faculty,

As follow up to Dr. Burns’ visit yesterday, if you are interested in more information about the research and travel opportunities available through the Wallacea Foundation please contact me. These experiences are open to students, alumni and faculty.



William Berghoff P’14, P’15, P’15
Head of Science

New Photos for IDs This Week

Just a reminder to all returning students:

New ID’s will be issued in the fall without charge to students who have turned in their Active ID and have had their photo taken before leaving campus.

1) All returning students must come to the Business Office to have a new picture taken from May 15, May 20-22 and May 26-28 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.
2) Let Business Office know at that time if a travel ID will be required.
3) Return active ID and pick up travel ID at Business Office before leaving campus.

If you require your card number in order to purchase books from the online bookstore over the summer, please contact the Business Office and that information will be provided.

Please note:
Students are expected to follow the school’s dress code (Refer to page 15 of the Student Handbook)
For example:
No T-shirts: boys must wear a collared shirt
No tank tops, spaghetti straps or strapless tops
No hats, headbands, etc.
No exposed undergarments