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Math Resource Center Schedule

Welcome back everyone!

              I hope you had a terrific first day of classes!  I know I did.  We had so much fun playing with Geometer Sketchpad today – lots of investigating and conjecturing!  There is, of course, vocabulary to learn and homework to be done, so I wanted to take a moment to remind you of the fabulous resource you have here at Williston – the Math Resource Center Tutors!  They are just waiting for you to arrive with your questions so that they can help you and learn even more about all of the intricacies of the math you are doing!  Remember that you can simply show up – no appointment necessary.  The daytime tutoring sessions are in Schoolhouse room #28 and the evening sessions are in Reed room 102.

              I hope the rest of the week is just as much fun as today was!

              Ms. Anderson

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Math Center New Schedule

Good Evening Everyone!

              I wanted to let you all know that we have added two tutors to our team – Leeanna Albanese and Christi Lee.  They will be offering help on Wednesday evenings, 8 pm to 9 pm in Reed.  You can find them in the Stu Bop!

              Many of you have already taken advantage of this great resource, and we all hope that you will continue to do so, and that you will bring your friends!  Nothing quite as fun as doing math problems with your peers and your peer tutors!!

              Have a great night.

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Math Resource Center Schedule

Good Morning Williston!

Just wanted to remind you to take advantage of the fabulous tutors offering help in the Math Resource Center, room 28 in the Schoolhouse (and in the Stu Bop on Tuesday evenings).  Remember you do NOT NEED AN APPOINTMENT!!!  Simply stop by when the tutors are available (once a week in each of the periods A thru G) and ask for help.  They are ready and waiting, so come on down!  The schedule is attached in case you misplaced your copy…

Have a great week!

Ms. Anderson and the Math Tutors

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Math Resource Center Officially Open!

Screenshot 2015-09-28 09.49.57Hello Everyone!
I am thrilled to report that the Math Resource Center officially opens tomorrow! The student tutors are VERY excited to help you with your math questions, and to help you learn how to use your resources to help yourself with your own math questions!! The schedule is attached, but here are some very key details for all of you to know:

· This is a student-run drop-in tutoring center. No appointment is necessary.

· You can arrive any time during the period and stay as long as you need.

· The Math Resource Center is room #28 in the Schoolhouse. Tutoring takes place in the center during the class day. On Tuesday evenings tutoring is offered in the Stu Bop from 8pm to 9pm.

· Right now tutoring is available Every period (A through F), once a week, and on Tuesday evenings.

· If at all possible, PLEASE BRING YOUR TEXTBOOK. We are working on getting a set of student editions for the resource room but are still waiting on this.

I hope that many of you discover this fantastic support system and take advantage of the service these tutors are offering.

See you on the math floor!

Ms. Anderson, the Math Department, and the math tutors extraordinaire!

Last Week for the Math Resource Center

Good Morning!
First of all, I would like to thank all of our tutors who so selflessly gave of their time and effort to help their peers in need.
I would like to give special thanks to our senior tutors, some of whom have been tutoring for three years!  Nan Ding, Matt Cavanaugh, John Lee, Matt Mei, Nick Pattison and James Borden.
Your math tutors are ready and willing, as always, to help you prepare for your final quizzes, tests, and assessments, so take advantage of this fabulous resource!
Finish Strong!!

On behalf of the Math Department and the Math Tutors Extraordinaire,
Ms. Anderson

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Math Resource Center Schedule

The end of the trimester—and the year—are fast approaching.  Make good use of all of the available resources that are set up for you!  The Writing Center tutors, the Arête tutors, and the Math Resource Center tutors are all ready and willing to help you finish the year with strength!  All you have to do is reach out for the help that is awaiting!  We all hope that you do.
Sincerely and on behalf of the Math Department and the math tutors,
Ms. Anderson

Math Center Tutoring T3

Math Resource Center Schedule

Hello everyone!
Just wanted to remind you about the great opportunity for some extra help.  The math tutors are awaiting… and the candy jar is full!!  Stop by for some math and munchies!  The schedule is attached and, as always, does not change from week to week so you can print it out and rest assured that the tutors will be available and looking forward to helping you.  Come one, come all!!
Have a great Blue week.
Ms. Anderson

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Trimester 3 Math Resource Center tutoring schedule

Trimester 3 is now in full swing.  Starting tomorrow, the Math Resource Center will be up and running!  The schedule is attached.  Remember – the schedule stays the same all trimester so once you figure out when you can get help and with whom, you can go to that same tutoring session every week if needed!

FYI, for those of you who need help with AP Stats or Probability and Statistics, Nan Ding, James Kim and Ty Lee are great resources!

I hope you are all off to a good start this trimester and that you will make a commitment to getting the help you need by taking full advantage of the resources such as this one and the Writing Center.  Your peers are ready to assist!

On behalf of the math tutors and the math department,
Ms. Anderson

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Math Resource Center Hours T2

Just wanted to remind you to take advantage of the great extra help opportunities that are awaiting you with the Math Resource Center tutors.  Whether you need to go over a few homework questions or study for a quiz, stop by and get the extra support you need!  The schedule is attached.
As a reminder, Friday is the Diversity Conference so everyone will be immersed in the activities taking place that day.
Have a great GREEN week!
Ms. Anderson
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