Birch Dining Commons Menu: April 27-May 3

French toast sticks, sausage, hash browns, make your own waffles-toppings, vegetable frittata, warm cinnamon rolls, assorted eggs and omelets at the grill

Assorted deli meats and cheeses, turkey, roast beef, tuna, hummus, provolone and Swiss, rolls, assorted soups, pasta bar with manicotti

Poached eggs, home fries, corned beef hash, yogurt bar, assorted eggs at the grill

Vegetable or tomato soup, hot turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, peas and baby carrots, macaroni and cheese, fish nuggets
Pasta bar: Gnocchi, marinara or alfredo sauce
Panini station: Sliced pastrami, corned beef, Swiss cheese and assorted vegetables, ciabatta bread

Beef Sirloin Tips with mushroom sauce, egg noodles, shrimp Orleans, grilled tofu, green beans, onion rings
Pasta bar: Gnocchi, marinara sauce, alfredo sauce and broccoli
Bagel bar with assorted cream cheese

Sausage, hash browns, make your own waffle, yogurt bar, breakfast sandwiches

Chicken rice or matzo ball soup, French toast sticks, poached eggs, baked ham, O’Brian/rosemary roasted potatoes, vegetable quiche, assorted bagels with cream cheese
Grill: Scrambles eggs or egg whites
Pasta bar: Asian or rice noodles, vegetable or chicken broth, grilled chicken, sticky rice, pasta, marinara or meat sauce

Pasta station: jumbo cheese ravioli, breaded ravioli, marinara, meat or alfredo sauce  bread sticks, chicken parmesan, eggplant parmesan, stuffed Portobello mushrooms, Italian blend vegetables

Fried dough, home fries, banana or apple fritters, yogurt bar, make your own waffle
assorted eggs and omelets at the grill, fruit smoothies

Vegetarian split pea or soup du jour, cheese calzones, Italian style Stromboli with salami, pepperoni and ham, orange ginger chicken with vegetables, vegetable lo-mien, mixed vegetables
Pasta station: Pasta, marinara or herb sauce, broccoli

Boneless breast of chicken, dirty rice, Cajun shrimp and rice, chickpea-couscous croquettes, Catalina blend vegetables
Pizza station: Create your own flat bread pizza
Pasta bar: Pasta, marinara or garlic sauce, roasted vegetables

French toast, ham, home fries, breakfast wraps, yogurt bar, assorted eggs at the grill

Corn chowder or soup du jour, chicken wing or drummers, orzo with sautéed vegetables,  Prince Edward Isle blend vegetables
Grill: Pancakes
Pasta station: Gemelle, marinara or meat sauce, seafood scampi

Special dinner featuring Korean foods

Poached eggs, baked apple pancake, bacon, yogurt bar, assorted eggs and omelets at the grill

Beef barley or soup du jour, vegetarian black beans and rice, Mexican corn muffins, beef fajitas, tempeh fajitas-flour tortilla, nachos, cheese sauce, salsa
Grill: Tacos, re-fried beans with taco shells, flour tortillas
Pasta station: Cheese tortellini, marinara or pesto sauce

Grilled hot dogs, French style shepherds pie, vegetarian shepherds pie, tofu/smart dogs, fried clam strips, cauliflower and carrots
Pasta station: Pasta, marinara sauce, bread sticks
Pizza station: Cheese and chef’s choice

Egg vegetable and cheese bake, baked blueberry french toast, sausage, home fries, yogurt, assorted eggs at the grill

Tomato soup, Grilled cheese with without tomato, chicken vegetable and pasta sauté, tempeh vegetable and pasta sauté, zucchini and summer squash
Pasta station: Chef’s choice pasta, marinara  sauce

Spaghetti, hot or sweet Italian sausage, marinara or pesto sauce, meat lasagna, vegetarian lasagna, green beans, rolls

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