Change Heroes Coin Collection Results

2015 Kate Garrity Coin Box
Photo by Kate Garrity

Over the past few weeks, the ninth grade girls and boys have been in a friendly competition to see which of their dorms—John Wright or 194 Main, respectively—could raise the most money for the Change Heroes Coin Collection.

The results are in! John Wright has been declared the winner, with $64 raised toward the $100 total.

“I want to thank you all for your efforts over the last few weeks with our coin collection for Baystate Children’s Hospital,” wrote Kate Garrity, Community Service Club organizer.  “All of that loose change certainly adds up.”

The Change Heroes campaign is a coin collection drive for Baystate Children’s Hospital. The donations collected by individuals and schools for Change Heroes help kick-off fundraising efforts for the hospital’s annual 94.7 WMAS Radiothon for Baystate Children’s Hospital from March 5-7.

It’s little efforts like this that can really make a difference,” wrote Ms. Garrity, “especially if all of the schools around the state participate!”

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